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About Us

Helm Logistics is owned and operated by Captain Gregg W. Nichols, a U.S. Coast Guard licensed Master Mariner, a Marine Consultant, and an active Offshore Lightering Mooring Master.

Captain Nichols earned a B.S. Degree in Marine Transportation in 1984 from Texas A & M University, in Galveston, Texas, and served as licensed officer from 1985 to 1993 on board oil tankers (40,000 dwt to VLCC), RO / RO's, Drillships, Hopper Dredges, Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, and offshore and harbor tug boats.

While on time off from sailing, Capt. Nichols worked as Port Relief Officer for port cargo watches on board Bulk Carriers, Container Ships, General Cargo Vessels, and RO / RO’s. In 1993, Capt. Nichols began working full time as a P & I Marine Consultant and Surveyor, and continued this work on a contract basis as he began working as Marine Pilot. Further, from 1995 to 1999, Capt. Nichols conducted Offshore Lightering Operations as a Mooring Master, and in 1999 accepted a position as a State Harbor Pilot in the Port of Brownsville, Texas. While in the Port of Brownsville, Capt. Nichols began providing Expert Witness Testimony for marine pilot related cases, and in 2004, Capt. Nichols resigned as a Marine Harbor Pilot in order to form a marine consulting firm - Helm Logistics, LLC. While forming the foundation for Helm Logistics, Capt. Nichols provided Marine Pilot / Offshore Mooring Master services for Heidenreigh Lightering Services and subsequently OSG Lightering, LLC.

 Helm Logistics has been providing Marine Consulting Services since 2004, and has been appointed to represent clients regionally, nationally (USA), and in Caribbean ports. Since 2004 we have been growing and expanding, and in May, 2009, opened our new office in San Juan, Puerto Rico for providing service through-out the Caribbean Area.

Unlike other Marine Consultants and Experts, Capt. Nichols maintains a current marine license, certification, and practice by continuing to be active in marine vessel operations. Our knowledge and expertise are founded on twenty-five years practical experience in the maritime industry; however, our experience and expertise are current, and always will be. That’s what sets us apart as the very best in Maritime Consulting and Expert Witness representation.

Why Hire a Consultant?

The most common reasons for hiring a Maritime consultant are:

  • You Need an Expert Witness
  • You have a civil dispute, requiring the perspective of a neutral third party.
  • You need specialized skills.
  • You need third party objectivity.
  • You need a task or project done, but you do not have the staff to do it in-house.

Houston, TX Office:
811 Bradford Ave.
Suite 1A
Kemah, TX 77565
Tel: (281) 549-6931
Fax: (281) 549-6942

San Juan, PR Office:
2216 Calle Park Blvd.
San Juan, PR 00913
Ph: (787) 200-4763

Capt. Gregg Nichols:
Mobile: (281) 330-1442