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Helm Logistics offers clients a unique resource in maritime consulting services by providing knowledge and expertise in maritime vessel operations and facilities, as opposed to traditional marine consulting firms which typically only represent cargo interests.

The firm is owned and operated by Captain Gregg W. Nichols, who has been a U.S. Coast Guard licensed Master Mariner (Oceans / Unlimited) since 1993, holds U.S. Federal Pilotage for the Ports of Houston and Brownsville, Texas, and who is a former Texas State Commissioned Harbor Pilot for the Port of Brownsville, Texas. In addition, Captain Nichols has attended vessels and represented P & I Interests since 1993, and provided Expert Witness Testimony in Federal and State Court since 2000.

We are a full service marine consulting firm, and routinely assist clients with documenting, evaluating, and mitigating marine claims involving all types of crew / personal injuries, operational matters, and cargo damages; however, we provide support and expertise in Capital Projects, Simulator Training, and Lightering / STS Operations.

Whether you need; an Expert Witness for legal support, on site vessel attendance for marine surveys, you need specialized skills, third party objectivity, or you need to supplement your in-house staff with additional expertise, we invite you to contact our office.

We look forward to the opportunity of serving your maritime interests.

Why Hire a Consultant?

The most common reasons for hiring a Maritime consultant are:

  • You Need an Expert Witness
  • You have a civil dispute, requiring the perspective of a neutral third party.
  • You need specialized skills.
  • You need third party objectivity.
  • You need a task or project done, but you do not have the staff to do it in-house.

Houston, TX Office:
811 Bradford Ave.
Suite 1A
Kemah, TX 77565
Tel: (281) 549-6931
Fax: (281) 549-6942

San Juan, PR Office:
2216 Calle Park Blvd.
San Juan, PR 00913
Ph: (787) 200-4763

Capt. Gregg Nichols:
Mobile: (281) 330-1442